Everyday Learning-extraits-audio samplesEveryday Learning

Christian Pamerleau, drums, compositions
Mario Fraser, piano keys.
Pierre Côté, guitars
Guy Boisvert, bass

Everyday Learning

Oleo-LivePrivate concert

François Blouin piano
Guy Boisvert bass
Christian Pamerleau drums


Birk's worksGreg Amirault's trio live at the café Lézard

Greg Amirault guitar
Frédéric Alarie bass
Christian Pamerleau drums

Greg Amirault's trio live at the café Lézard

Cherokee drums solo / solo de batterie sur Cherokee

Live at Arousse, 2011

Pierre Côté guitar
Norman Lachapelle bass
Christian Pamerleau drums


Bohemian Waxwingunreleased

Christian Pamerleau drums, composition, producer
François D'Amours saxophone
Mario Fraser piano
Frédéric Darveau bass